Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Christmas morning … and a LONG day of cruising.

Thursday May 22 …

Woke up this morning and Roland was already up making coffee. But he left me a surprise. I felt something down at the foot of the bed and looked down to see a brand new iPad lying next to me. Woo hoo … just like Christmas!!! Too bad we have no Internet reception … I can’t wait to try it out but need to download iTunes before it will work.

In the meantime, today we went through Dodd Narrows and made sure to time our passage at slack tide due to the fast currents running through this tight channel of water. We anchored at Boat Harbour for a few hours waiting for slack, and the captain catnapped. Which was a good thing … because we ended up running that evening until the early morning hours to get us closer to Seymour Narrows … again another passage we had to time with the currents.

Anchoring at night is a challenge, for even the best of boaters. Luckily, Roland just installed a FLIR system on the boat that uses infrared sensors to provide amazing night vision. When we pulled into Gowlland Harbour just off Campbell River that evening around 1:30 a.m., the FLIR helped him navigate us through a myriad of menacing rocks and shallow waters until we reached the northern tip and dropped anchor around 2 a.m. We all took turns napping along the way that evening, and were happy to arrive safely … even happier to go to bed.

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