Saturday, July 24, 2010

Seward … As Far West As We Plan To Go

Wednesday, July 7

Seward is a picturesque port west of Prince William Sound … and after 2 weeks in the Sound, seemed a metropolis by comparison. 

It is located at the head of Resurrection Bay on the Kenai Peninsula, 126 miles south of Anchorage. Unlike most towns we’ve visited in Alaska, it has a road system that connects it to Whittier, Anchorage and other points of interest. Seward also is a destination for northbound cruise ships. In fact the Holland America line was there during the World Soccer Championship when Holland lost to Spain … we half expected to see the Dutch flag at half mast!

Getting there required heading back out into open ocean waters, and while the rolls weren’t as bad as our crossing, poor Lovie decided it was enough to make him seasick. Heading into Resurrection Bay we saw puffins, murres and sea lions. I wish I could get a good photo to share of a puffin … but they fly at over 50 mph, flap their wings 400 times a minute … making them a very difficult subject to photograph. They actually look like a cartoon character … very cute with their orange beaks and tufted black and white heads.

In the meantime, we ended up spending a week in Seward, practically refitting the dinghy electrically and mechanically. New steering system, new motor, new shifter, replaced the bilge pump … and replaced some bad wiring ... practically like new! Many thanks to Carl and our new friends at Storm Chasers ... a great boatyard in Seward that worked diligently with Roland to facilitate the repairs.


  1. Dear Laura and Roland,
    It has been great joy to follow your Blog and fantastic photo's.I really love all the history and commentary on the backround of the places you are visiting. Yesterday, we came back from Boston from
    orientation at Boston college with Isabel. We had a blast..talking about seafood!!!The school is fantastic and we both came home with a feeling that she will be OK there.Very hard for us to let her go, but it is time!Remember Laura when we saw you in the store buying diapers, 18 years ago? Have more fun on this amazing trip... My sister Joyce is in Alaska on a mixed ground and boat trip (Holland America line)
    She has been fighting beast cancer this last year and just finished with all her treatments...just terrible.She also has a 18 year old.(University of Toronto)You have met her on our 25th.
    But enjoy and enjoy...I will keep on reading
    Love Leonoor

  2. Hi Leonoor,
    So good to hear from you. I can't believe Isabel is one her way to college!!!! In what seems a blink of the eye she's all grown up! Sorry to hear about Joyce. Hopefully she's enjoying her cruise here. We're seeing a lot of Holland America Line ships. Having a great time ... and glad to hear you are enjoying the blog. It's a bit hard to keep up with due to lack of internet, but am trying.


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