Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Amazon in Pelican … Rose’s Bar and Grill, an Alaskan Institution

Friday, June 18

On our last evening together with Lydia, Cade and Eric we opted for a “colorful” dinner at Rose’s Bar & Grill in Pelican, which we've learned is a legend among boaters in the region.

The sign in front of Rose’s should have been a giveaway … “WORLD FAMOUS … ROSE’S BAR & GRILL … MUSEUM & GIFT SHOP.” Turns out Rose is the “museum” part of that equation ... she is about 80 years old, has operated the bar for years, and consequently has built quite a regional reputation (for both the bar … and herself!!).

The evening was a bonanza for Cade. No sooner had we sat down and placed our order (including some open-mouthed ogling at the interior décor of Rose’s, which could be an entire blog post of its own) … a local resident walked in with a bright green Amazon parrot named "Buddy" sitting on his shoulder. Now THAT's something you just don’t see every day.

Rose’s apparently is the favored hangout for fisherman (one of two local taverns in Pelican), where we also met Terri, winner of the 2010 Pelican King Salmon Derby, awarded that evening. And finally, Roland made a friend of his own … a new blond babe that you won’t want to miss in the accompanying photo.

Rose’s turned out to be a dinner stop that I am sure will provide us with many stories to share for years to come.

Next time you see us … ask about the signing of the ceiling … and the “she” who turned out to be a “he!”

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