Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunny Glacier Gazing and Girl Time on the Bow

Wednesday, June 16

One thing I’ve learned since cruising in Alaska … it’s best to view glaciers under sunny skies. The light pulls amazing colors out of the ice, like prisms on steroids.

While Wednesday started out fairly gray and gloomy, by late afternoon when we reached Reid Glacier, the sun had emerged and Lydia and I pulled chairs out on the bow soaking in the sun, enjoying the view … and catching up on life.

We motored up to the head of Reid and were in awe of its immensity … but also surprised that there was not a single iceberg floating in the inlet outside the glacier. So different from our previous experiences at Le Conte and Endicott. Lydia especially was disappointed … she had been looking forward to a Glacier Cosmo!

Check out the slide show, which I’ll be posting next, to see some amazing photos. My guess is that between all of us at least 400 photos were taken that afternoon … even Lovie made it up on deck for a portrait with a glacial backdrop. The scenery most definitely will put you in another state of mind.

In the meantime, like magic, once we left the glaciers and headed back into the bay and on to Shag Cove to anchor for the evening, the rain began to fall.

But we had had our day in the sun … with the glaciers.

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