Friday, June 4, 2010

Rain and “Da Plane, Da Plane” in Meyers Chuck

Monday, May 31-Tuesday, June 1

With two days of “liquid sunshine” and some wind and chop out in Clarence Strait, we anchored for two nights in a charming little bay called Meyers Chuck, surrounded by what literally was just a small settlement. No electricity. No water treatment. No roads. But there was one phone booth. And believe it or not … an art gallery.

There’s a scattering of homes around the shore in various phases of construction, all connected by dirt pathways that are lush with ferns, moss, ground dogwood, wild flowers and rhododendrons in full bloom. Back east, someone would have paid a fortune to have a professional landscaper achieve such a perfect composition of greenery! Nature is amazing.

The mail is delivered once a week by seaplane … needless to say, living in Meyers Chuck IS the simple life.

We heard a plane overhead the first afternoon at anchor. Sharon, Jim and I were playing cards while Roland was napping, and as we looked out the window, a plane was coming right at us … our quiet anchorage quickly became a runway as he expertly landed next to us in the water, cutting the space between our boat and the shore … no doubt laughing at the terrified look on our three faces as we ran out to the back deck to watch. The pilot gave us a little wave 20 minutes later as he was leaving with someone he’d picked up at shore, again buzzing right at us in the water before veering off and up out of the channel.

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