Saturday, June 19, 2010

Playing Tourists in Juneau

Thursday – Friday, June 10-11

We spent our last evening at anchorage with Jim & Sharon in Taku Cove, about 20 miles south of Juneau. There were two floating docks in the cove … more boats than we’d seen since leaving Petersburg.

Juneau is known as a huge cruise ship destination and we soon saw why.

We arrived in Juneau just before noon on Thursday, passing three ships on our way into Aurora Harbor, just north of the town center, where we docked for three days.

Jim’s friend and fellow veteran Seawolf Mike, and his girlfriend Sherri, both have boats in Aurora Harbor. They stopped by in the afternoon and the six of us went into Juneau for a delicious dinner at The Hangar, just next to the cruise ships.

The next day, in lots of wind and rain, Sharon, Jim and I went into town and played tourists. It’s a typical cruise port … lots of jewelry shops, furriers, gift shops, and a scattering of bars and taverns.

We of course made sure to stop in at the Red Dog Saloon, a famous Juneau tavern renown for its sawdust covered floor, lots of stuffed critters adorning the walls, and an eclectic collection of life rings, Alaskan memorabilia and comedic signage.

Sadly, Jim and Sharon flew out Friday evening, just when we had them trained ;)

Roland and I spent all morning Saturday cleaning the boat, preparing for our next crew … Eric, Lydia and Cade arrived on Saturday afternoon …

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