Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trolling for Salmon in Gambier Bay

Tuesday, June 8

After three weeks of cruising, we still hadn’t caught a salmon. Of course … we hadn’t put the tender in and tried.

I was determined before Jim and Sharon left us in Juneau that we were going to at least make an attempt … hoping that if we caught a salmon, I’d have an opportunity to clean one with Jim around to show me how.

We dropped the tender at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning in a small cove just next to Snug Cove in Gambier Bay. We loaded up the fishing gear and by 8:15 Jim and I had the downriggers set up and the hooks down as we trolled for salmon in Gambier Bay.

We were out for an hour and a half of fishing, and headed back to the boat with nothing to show for our work … but a smile.

Pulled up the tender and we headed on to Endicott Arm to see Glaciers.

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