Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pop the Cork! An Anniversary Celebration Turns Grizzly

Tuesday, June 15

I can still remember Eric and Lydia’s wedding in Chatauqua like it was yesterday. Charming and intimate. It rained all day, which not only portends a good marriage, but also was a phenomenon they seemingly anticipated, as the guests’ gifts were huge umbrellas imprinted with their June 15 wedding date.

So it was a special joy to pop a cork on the evening of June 15 (after anchoring in the South Arm of Fingers Bay in Glacier Bay) to celebrate their anniversary in a setting surrounded by snow-capped mountains ... but a bit of a jolt to realize it was their 8th!!! Why do the years fly so quickly as we grow older?

Roland set up the tripod on the bow, and with glasses of champagne in hand, their anniversary became a wonderful photo op, as we all piled on the steps leading up to the flybridge for a group shot.

But that wasn’t the only photo op of the evening. About 20 minutes later, as we were sipping champagne on the aft deck, Lydia noticed a big grizzly on the shoreline. Our first grizzly!!!! She was considering waking Cade up to see the bear … but quickly was overruled. Instead, we all pulled out cameras and started snapping photos.

I’m glad there was a good distance of water separating us. This bear was big.

Tomorrow. Onward to explore glaciers!

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